About Marlon



Marlon Ransom draws from his extensive business and life experiences to inspire, engage and move audiences to action. He attributes much of his focus and strength to the lessons he has learned as he watches his son battle against kidney illness with resolve and dignity. Marlon provides a simplified, yet comprehensive way to deal with adversity while making a positive difference in the lives of others. His presentations are entertaining, insightful and encourage attainable calls to action.

About his fitness journey…

He’s spent more than half my life involved in various aspects of fitness from bodybuilding, personal training and gym consultant. In regards to bodybuilding it was  back when there were only a couple of supplement lines, and with personal training, there were few if any reputable certifications and people thought only the wealthy could afford a trainer. I stepped away from all things fitness many, many years, but like
most things that are embedded in you, you never really leave. Every time I go to a park, pass by a cross fit place or workout in a gym, my eyes immediately hone in on PT’s and yes, I see many of the same things I have always seen, both positive and negative.
When I entered my 40’s is when my body and mind were no longer in sync. I had to start listening to my body, it is not something I necessarily choose to do, it is something I cannot afford not to do. For the record my 40’s officially left the building awhile back, but you better believe I’m pressing pause on the aging process on the regular. As I have aged not only has my body changed, but my mindset has changed and with those changes came the begrudging ability to adapt. I am now prepared to share my expertise with you, the over 40 crowd with the introduction of my online training programs.

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