Marlon Ransom’s three decade long history in the field of health and fitness has been quite a journey. From skinny teenager, to massive bodybuilder and slimmed down fitness model, his transformation has been remarkable to say the least.

His personal training career began at Bally’s Total Fitness, when he moved to Chicago in 1990. His prowess was on full display as his clients’ success resulted in a multitude of referrals which led to him being the first trainer with a pre-paid waiting list. Within three years he went from trainer to recruiter, and ascended to the head of the entire program at the celebrated North Shore Health Club in Morton Grove, Illinois.

Marlon presented weekly fitness and sales seminars throughout his 18-month tenure at North Shore. In 1994, his dream of self employment came to fruition with the inception of his ‘Bodies for Ransom’ (BFR), personal training and fitness company. At its zenith there were in excess of a thousand clients trained in two locations, with 50+ trainers and three recruiters.

New ambitious goals in the entertainment field led to a cross-country move to Los Angeles. After a decade plus of working on various projects for others, he came into his own when he co-authored a book with his son, ‘Chronically Positive.’ That book resulted in subsequent appearances and speeches at schools across Southern California. Their book was followed by the production of his acclaimed documentary titled, IN THE SHED, formerly on Amazon Prime, currently on Vimeo On Demand, which placed his entire family in the public eye.

Then came Covid-19, gyms closed, people were trapped at home and Marlon had an influx of emails from former clients inquiring about online training.

Those correspondences lit a fire that had been dormant, but not extinguished. He had no desire to recreate ‘BFR,’ as his goal is to develop personalized programs with the intent to improve quality of life and encourage healthy, active & ageless lifestyles.

Life On Your Terms

Flexible training packages for all levels.


Chronically Positive

To be ‘chronically positive’ is to spend more time focusing on the positives, while keeping negative thoughts and actions to a bare minimum. Learning from my teen son has humbled, empowered and inspired me. 

In The Shed documentary

IN THE SHED is a coming of age story about a teenage musician, Tyler Ransom, who uses lessons learned from his battle with kidney illness to accomplish goals and overcome life’s challenges.

Coming Soon

Ageless LifeStyle

Taking the time to self evaluate and accept where you are both physically and mentally is a necessity. As we get older, we may not be able to perform at the same levels or intensity, but we can still perform.