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*Los Angeles residents inquire about in-person training




 “Live your best life!”


My online system is designed specifically for those who want interaction with a person, as opposed to being sent a template, having a few phone calls a month, or downloading an app.



offer customized workout plans, based on your fitness level, specific goals, physical limitations and your availability.


Your workout plan is predicated off of us meeting a minimum of 2 days per week up to a maximum of 4 days a week via Facetime/Skype/WhatsApp. I will also send you videos upon request of specific body part workouts.


  • Are customized to you
  • Are built around your schedule
  • Focuses on the type of exercises you enjoy
  • Follows the principles of exercise programming such as specificity, periodization, progression, variety, etc.
  • Workouts are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length
  • All workouts are geared towards your goals
  • I require a food diary over a three-week period for review and to provide general consultation.


The program will be built according to your skill level, among other factors.


  • Frequency of training (number of sessions per week)
  • Length of sessions (time spent during a single session)
  • Time between sessions (number of rest days between workouts)
  • Total rest days per week
  • Type of exercises included
  • Volume (exercises x sets x reps)
  • Rest intervals (how long you rest between sets/exercise)
  • Type of progressions (which variable changes over time)
  • Rate of progression (the pace at which intensity increases)


Contact me for further information including packages and availability.